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Use cunning to ensure the presence of your allies on the battlefield and fight for military supremacy. But watch out for last-minute cheap shots...

Pook is an easy-to-learn, strategic card game. 2 minutes of rules and here we go!

8+ year old

8+ year old

2 to 4 players

2 to 4 players

10 Minutes

10 Minutes

The vikings

Vikings are ruthless warriors. They enter the battlefield with a smile, ready to do battle with their enemies. They have a special affinity for flushing out their prey and revealing their allies.

A Viking card placed adjacent to a face down card (not protected by a Knight) allows you to turn it face up without applying its effect.


For Orcs, there's nothing that can't be settled with a blow to the skull. It is moreover partly like this that their internal Councils are regulated. Whack-a-mole is their favorite game and they apply it shamelessly on their enemies!

An Orc card placed adjacent to a face up card (not protected by a Knight) allows you to turn that card face down.


Mages are as haughty and patronizing as they are powerful. They deign to descend from their tower only for major crises and master the Arcanes to perfection. They take pleasure in using teleportation... on others.

A Mage card placed adjacent to a card allows you to swap that card with a card from your hand.


"Strength and honor" is the creed of the Knights who protect their allies against all threats. They do not hesitate to throw themselves into the center of the battle to shield them flawlessly at the expense of their very lives.

A Knight card protects up to 4 adjacent (orthogonal) cards from the effects of other Factions but can not protect itself.

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